Welcome to Canggu

Surf, culture, wellness, fun and FOOD! Canggu has it all. We won’t bore you with too much chat, we just want to help you make the most of you time here. Whether you have been here for years or are just visiting there is always something new to experience. Whether it’s a new restaurant opening to a special event or the latest offers at your local bar we know about it and will share it with you here and on our IG page. Our job is to keep you informed and up to date. Enjoy… you can thank us later.

Wine and Dine

Canggu has become the focal point in Bali for visitors from around the World. Many have settled down bringing with them flavours and tastes to create a truly international culinary experience that seamlessly blends with the incredible local cuisine. It’s a truly unique experience to find so many world class epicurean outfits in close proximity. We have done our best to select our favourites and we truly hope this guide will be a help to you.


Not much needs to be said about the surf in Bali that you don’t already know and it the reason for countless visitors to Bali year in and out. Year round warm water and quality waves to suit all standards makes this a dream destination for any surfer. Canggu has countless breaks and multiple surf schools and guides ready to take you on your surfing journey. Here’s a few of our favourites.


With the modern obsession of wellness it’s no surprise that Canggu is at the forefront. From yoga and cross-fit to meditation and ecstatic dance there is truly something for everyone. It’s a foodie delight across the culinary spectrum with all dietary needs and preferences catered for. There’s a lot to choose from so here’s a shortcut for you.


Got that itch for exploration? Course you do. Canggu is awesome but it’s just a dot on the Bali map of adventure and cultural majesty. Take the time to witness a sunrise from the volcano’s visible from across the island and get down south to the clear blue waters of the Bukit Peninsula or go further afield to the Nusa Islands or even Lombok. Once again there’s so much to do and here’s our must do’s


Where to rest your head after a day exploring or a night on the town. From the party hostels to the 5 star resorts or the range of private villas or even glamping on the beach there is a dizzying amount of choice. Let’s narrow that down for you.