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07 Sep, 2021

Canggu Brekkie Selection. Vol.1

Start you magical morning in style. Breakfast in the GU is a big thing and with so many choices there is something to suit everyone. Here’s our pick of the bunch…   Honey Surrounded by rice-fields with minimal design, charming is the perfect word to describe Honey. With a plethora of delicious food our fav […]

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15 May, 2021

Top 8 vegetarian restaurants

While Canggu is known as a party town it is also one of the most mindful and health conscience hubs in Bali. With that comes a plethora of nutritionally minded people and as such provides food for any dietary requirements. Add this to the abundance of soy-based proteins available in Bali and Canggu has become […]

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The best co-working spaces and nomad cafes in Canggu

There are some travellers who simply want to put as much distance as possible between their work life and vacation, but there is a growing number of individuals who want to find means to stay connected with others as they travel the world. One sure-fire way to do that is through meeting and working alongside […]